roboticsRobokids challenges students to develop critical thinking and engages them in innovative robotics projects. We offer a range of robotics courses for kids of ages 4 through 14. Learning continues beyond our classes to day camps, robotics parties, and after-school programs.

Age 5-6

  • Robobee 1: Fundamental number and shape sense using LEGO® Duplo
  • Robobee 2: Problem solving with robots and creative building with LEGO®
  • Robobee 3: Integrating simple mechanism knowledge into logical thinking activities
  • Robobee 3+: Advanced mechanisms and introduction to electrical motorization
  • Bee Club: Coming soon
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Age 6-9

  • Robokids 1: LEGO® building activities, including the Playground Swing and Automatic Garage Door
  • Robokids 2: Focus on presentation skills with themed projects
  • Robokids 3: Advanced LEGO® Technic projects such as Racing Car and Spin Art; more teamwork opportunities
  • Robokids 3+: Preparation course for Robokids 4; focus on creative and logical thinking
  • Robokids Club 1: Self-paced teamwork-based projects using LEGO® WeDo®
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Age 9-12

  • Robokids 4: Basic building and presentation training with LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT to build various robots and machines
  • Robokids 5: Basic programming with LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT
  • Robokids 6: Programming LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT or EV3 to compete challenges on game mats
  • Robokids 6+: Scaled-down robotics competitions for advanced learners
  • Robokids Club 2: Self-paced teamwork-based projects using LEGO® Mindstorms®
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Age 12-14

  • Robokids 7: Basic ROBOTC knowledge to program VEX® IQ robots, introducing advanced movement controls and multi-sensor integration
  • Robokids 8: Introducing advanced programming concepts and design patterns, with up to 3 sensors
  • Robokids 9: Introducing more advanced programming concepts are, with up to 4 sensors
  • Robokids 9+: Bringing the excitement of VEX® IQ competitions to the classroom with organized one-on-one matches or free-for-all tournaments
  • Robokids Club 3: Self-paced teamwork-based projects using VEX® IQ
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